Enables you to configure and run Flyway commands from your mill build file. The flyway module currently supports the most common flyway use cases with file based migrations.

Configure flyway by overriding settings in your module. For example
import mill._, scalalib._

import $ivy.`com.lihaoyi::mill-contrib-flyway:`
import contrib.flyway.FlywayModule

object foo extends ScalaModule with FlywayModule {
  def scalaVersion = "2.12.8"

  //region flyway
  def flywayUrl = "jdbc:postgresql:myDb" // required
  def flywayDriverDeps = Agg(ivy"org.postgresql:postgresql:42.2.5") // required
  def flywayUser = "postgres" // optional
  // def flywayPassword = "" // optional

Flyway will look for migration files in db/migration in all resources folders by default. This should work regardless of if you are using a mill or sbt project layout.

You can then run common flyway commands like

mill foo.flywayClean
mill foo.flywayInfo
mill foo.flywayMigrate
You should never hard-code credentials or check them into a version control system. You should write some code to populate the settings for flyway instead. For example def flywayPassword = T.input(T.ctx.env("FLYWAY_PASSWORD"))